Episode 54 Brianna Wu - Video Game Developer/Feminist

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Brianna Wu (@Spacekatgal), head of video game development at Giant Spacekat, about her recent articles in the press. Giant Spacekat is one of the few all female gaming companies, designing games with strong female characters in a heavily male dominated field. Brianna was recently featured in multiple online articles, including Polygon.com and interviewed on NPR, regarding her experiences in the gaming world. From death and rape threats, to daily online harassment, many women in gaming have had to leave the industry due to misogyny, sexism, and blatant hatred towards women who seek to create games beyond the typical "cute and pink" genre or who refuse to create female characters who are purely sexual in nature. Empowering and enlightening interview with a true trailblazer in her field!


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