Many fans have asked me for a list of references, books, classes, and workshops inline with the ideas that I preach on the podcast. Please note that these are not affiliate links and I do not get compensated in any way or benefit financially. This is just for your knowledge and personal growth. I am happier when you are more educated, inspired, and a better version of yourself. Enjoy!

Personal Finance

Robert Kiyosaki- The original rich guru. Great personal finance advice with a focus on the mentality you need to become financially free. He is also a graduate and advocate for the personal development workshops I like.

Mr. Money Mustache- Out of the Box podcast guest, focusing on anti-consumerism, savings, and investing! 

Bigger Pockets- My go-to site for real estate investing advice! Join dozens of successful investors who are already doing it! A must visit for your rat race exit plan. 

Personal Development

Landmark Forum - Personal Development class teaching you about limiting beliefs, your true potential, and all sorts of positive things! They have classes all over the World. So, there's no excuse!

Mastery in Transformation - Positive self-help classes that focus on breaking through your issues and teaching you about the matrix. This is a must go if you live in Southern California.

Non-Violent Communication- The late Dr. Marshall Rosenberg teaches us how to talk to each other without using the language of domination, control, and oppression. This healthy needs based approach helps us all get along better.


Allison Armstrong - Relationship classes that teach men and women how to relate to each other and chose the best partner for life! Love her!


The following religions or spiritual beliefs are highly recommended for open minded, and Out of the Box thinkers:

Unity, Unitarian Universalist, Zen Buddhism, Centers for Spiritual Living, Science of Mind or Religious Science, New Thought, Yoga, Positive/New Age Christianity.